Mika’s new tower

A while back, we bought our cat Mika some outdoor climbing frames. After enduring several years of great British weather, they were beginning to look a little worse for wear, and wobbling all over the place when he used them. We hoped to replace like-for-like, but the company which made them was no longer trading.

Mika is a rescue cat and has quite a nervous disposition, so he’s not keen on change. Consequently, we wanted to get something which was as close as possible to what he knew. Thankfully, we came across Cat Climbing Towers, who make bespoke climbing frames in addition to their own standard models.

After e-mailing David (the owner) some photos of the existing towers and their various measurements, he was able to put together some very similar frames – along with some improvements – in just a couple of weeks. He delivered and assembled them in person this past weekend; they are much more sturdy than the old frames, and should last a good while longer. We are extremely happy with the results, and Mika seems pretty impressed too!

So, a big “Thank you!” to David for his work on these frames. To check out his other designs, and maybe order a frame for your own cat(s), please check out his website and/or his Facebook page.