PS Vita Wallpapers

After reading the Vita Customisation thread on the Official PlayStation Community forums, I decided to have a go at creating some Vita wallpapers of my own.

There are 8 images in total, intended to aid in the categorisation of the various software on the Vita’s home screens. Images are provided for:

  • PSN apps
  • Media, Settings & Internet apps
  • Social apps
  • PS Vita games (card-based)
  • PS Vita games (digital)
  • PSP games
  • PSone games (when support is added)
  • minis

Note: I did not create, nor do I take credit for, the background images used in any of these screens. All were obtained from various wallpaper sites around the web, and are to the best of my knowledge available for anyone to use freely for non-commercial use.

Two ZIP archives are available – one containing just the wallpapers, the other containing the wallpapers and the elements used in creating them. Download links can be found below the gallery.

I hope someone besides me finds them useful. I don’t claim to be any kind of graphics wizard, and only know the basics of PhotoShop. I know there are plenty of people who can do better, so if anyone wants to take the files – or just the idea – and improve on it, feel free. If you do, please let me know, and let me see your work! – 1.43MB
Contains the eight wallpapers only, and none of the PhotoShop files used to create them. Download this file if the wallpapers are all you want. – 10.4MB
Contains the eight wallpapers, plus the fonts, PhotoShop .psd file and gradients used to create them. Download this file if you want to edit the wallpaper images.


The thinking behind the design

Just in case anyone’s interested, here are the thoughts which led to the design.

With the greatest respect to the creators of the other wallpapers, many of the designs I’ve seen (not just in that forum thread, but elsewhere too) use large text which requires fewer icons to be used on the screen, and/or positioned in a certain way, if that text is to remain readable. The Vita only allows ten screens, so for my personal preferences, ‘losing’ between three and six icon positions per screen doesn’t really make sense. Similarly, while I initially liked the idea, other designs with circles where the icons appear don’t really appeal to me. Because the icons move, there seems little point in providing a fixed background for them in the design.

So I tried to create a design which (a) retained background text readability while minimising loss of icon spaces, and (b) didn’t use the circle idea. The result is what you see above, which only requires the removal of one icon per screen (the left-most icon on the middle row) if you want to keep all the text readable.

The colours were chosen to reflect the various platforms/app types – blue for the general PSN apps, brighter blue for PS Vita, orange for social/sharing apps (taken from the familiar RSS icon), black for PSP, white/grey for PSone and purple for minis.

If you have any thoughts, opinions or suggestions relating to these wallpapers, feel free to share them in the comments below.