This section is dedicated entirely to our beautiful little cat, Mika. Since I had so many images and video clips of him, I decided it was probably best to pull them out of the video and photo sections, and put them together on their own page.

Mika is a Siamese Cross (so we’re told by people ‘in the know’) who we purchased from NANNA Animal Rescue in October 2009. A lady found him under a hedge, along with two other kittens. Sadly, one was already dead, while the other ran off before she could get hold of it.

We chose the name ‘Mika’ because it suits either male or female, and for the first few weeks he was too small for anyone to determine the gender.

Like all cats, he’s developed his own little quirks and habits which make him unique. Not only do we love him to bits, but everyone who sees him also seems to fall in love with him, from the staff at the local vets, to anyone who visits the house. We put it down to his beautiful blue eyes.

Mika suffers from mild pendular nystagmus, which means his eyes twitch involuntarily left and right. It’s not serious enough to cause him to tilt his head or walk in circles, but he isn’t as agile as normal cats. He can run, play, and chase birds, but his balance is not very good on narrow ledges. Consequently, he’s overly cautious when climbing or jumping.

I hope you enjoy these images and videos as much as we do.