A Year of Mika

On 1st November 2018, our cat Mika had to be put to sleep suddenly after a brief period of illness. It was a huge shock to us, as he’d been – or at least seemed – perfectly healthy just a week earlier. I’ve wanted to make some kind of little tribute to him for a while, but personal/family circumstances and other issues have made it difficult to do so until now.

What I’ve decided to do is have ‘A Year of Mika’. Beginning on the anniversary of his passing, Friday 1st November, I’m going to begin sharing a selection of the photos we took of Mika over the years – one photo every week on social media, for the next year. The photos will appear at around 1:30 pm UK time, which is roughly the time he left us. Some of the images I’ve shared before, some I haven’t. Some are high quality, some aren’t. But we love them all.

The photos will be posted in the order they were taken, from the first day we brought him home from the rescue centre. The final post will be the last photo we ever took of him and will appear on 1st November 2020… the second anniversary of his journey across the Rainbow Bridge.

You’ll be able to see the images in the following places: InstagramTwitterFacebookPinterest

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy seeing how he grew and changed as much as we did.