Mika is missing

UPDATE: Mika has returned to us! He suddenly appeared at the back door at roughly 9:45pm tonight. He has quite clearly lost some weight, but nothing major… in fact, he was slightly overweight before anyway!

Other than that, he doesn’t seem at all fazed. There’s no sign of damage from fighting or trying to escape from somewhere, his tail is up, and he’s purring readily.

He does seem hungrier than usual (if that’s possible!) but otherwise you wouldn’t know he’d been gone. Needless to say, we are all delighted, and a few happy tears have been shed. We might well take him to the vets tomorrow, just to get him checked over.

Fortunately the situation turned out much better than we had been expecting, but we’d like to offer a heart-felt ‘thank you’ to everyone who shared the original post, and for the shared concern. Thank you all.

Original post:

Our cat Mika has been missing since around 10:00am yesterday morning, Tuesday 4th June 2013. We’ve spent hours looking/calling for him around the local area, but with no luck so far.

It is very unlike him to disappear for such a long period of time, and we fear he may have got himself locked in somewhere. He’s a nervous cat, easily spooked and wary of strangers, but has a lovely temperament. We miss him and want him back badly. He is microchipped, but does not wear a collar.

If you live in the T*****s area of Northampton, specifically ********** Court, please check your garden shed, greenhouse etc., perhaps even your garage if you were out doing any work yesterday. If you know anyone that lives in the area, please ask them to check.

A reward is offered for anyone finding him. Please call 077xx xxxxxx if you have any information.

Mika – recent photo