DriveClub replays

After its initial post-launch problems, DriveClub has become a great game. Not only is it visually stunning, it’s also great fun and – in some races – very challenging.

As much as I love the game, there are a couple of quirks in the replay mode that really irritate me. And since Evolution have recently said that there’s a lot more to come for the game, there’s also a feature I’d really like to see implemented. (more…)

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Destiny Beta_20140727001135

Destiny: Post-beta thoughts

It’s been a few days since the beta for Bungie’s Destiny came to an end, and now that the experience has had time to sink in, I’ve been thinking back over it and trying to decide whether or not to pre-order the game. I had enjoyed the alpha test a few weeks back, but because I hadn’t pre-ordered I wasn’t guaranteed a code for beta access. Fortunately, Twitter buddy @Nemesis_7T4 had some going spare and was kind enough to let me have one.


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